40 days… and nights, I guess.

In lieu of my friends’ journeys into Lent season (crazy Catholics), I’ve decided to test my willpower. I mean, Jesus and I aren’t necessary homeboys, but it’s sort of for me, you know? When I was younger, I was more interested in greasy, salty foods (see below), but these days, I’m way into sweets. In fact, I’d choose ice cream over the lives of most people. Ha. Not really, but you get the idea.

Anyhow, today begins my journey into non-sweet-land. It’s like the opposite of Candyland. Sounds like hell to me, but why not? It’s not like I couldn’t stand to lose a few pounds, help my diet a bit. I just wonder how close I’ll get to the edge, especially when those mencies come.

Wish me luck, kiddies! And to those of you riding the Lent train, what did you give up? Oh, and good luck!


  1. Simon says he's giving up pancakes but that he's going to do it for a year and not 40 days. I call cheat.

    Me? I thought I was going to give up stressing about the insignificant things. So far I'm able to justify everything as being major enough to stress about by providing a flowchart.

    Good luck with the sweets!

  2. 1flychicken says:

    Abi! hahaha… First of all, no pancakes makes me want to sob. >: Mmm.. I think I need to have some now. For Simon.

    And you! Let me see one of these flowcharts. haha.


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