“Nuggets,” I like to call them. Those simple, unabashed moments of clarity when someone says something to you and it finally pokes through at the right moment. We’re not all always ready to accept things, you know? We have to be at a certain “point,” people say. Pencil-ended as I was on Friday, my dear friend said something that felt monumental to me. And even that sounds dramatic.

Let me also relay to you that “nuggets” don’t necessarily denote anything spectacular. We’re not talking just epiphanies here. For instance, there was a moment I realized that the scary test of the Emergency Broadcast System wouldn’t, in fact, be beeping if there were an emergency. I used to sit in anticipation— face to the TV screen, wringing my little pink hands and listening to the long drone of that too-loud alarm. Clearly, I was waiting for them to instruct us on the emergency I’d need to hide under my bed from. Then there are the many billboards and signs that I see daily but never stop to comprehend fully. For the record, Steak ‘n Shake has nothing to do with any type of new-rock dance crazy from the 50’s… they’re talking MILKshakes, not BOOTYshakes. Perhaps it’s just the strange phenomenon of hearing something so often that you never even stop to consider what it actually means. Or my IQ is just slightly high enough to enable me shoe-tying and teeth-brushing capabilities. Ha.

Anyhow, this friend of mine—so wise in the world with such brightness, like the contagious kind—she says to me… “Life is too short to spend it with people that make you feel bad.” And something finally sounded to the right parts of me.

Short, sweet and something to digest this snowy Sunday. I hope, at least, a few of you out there are at the “point” where you can gobble this up. Do yourself a favor in 2012… be near the people that make you feel great about you. Chances are, you’re an awesome person and you spend way too much time comparing/envying/letting other people dictate your self-worth. And this is no damn revolution. We KNOW we shouldn’t. But we do it anyway. So just don’t.

Easy, huh? (: