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3:30 A.M. happens

I feel like musing. Humor me?

In one vein, I feel like everything has changed—from where I live to how I live. While it may sound dramatic, a part of my world has shifted, and in turn, shifted everything that rested on top. Hilariously enough, “Little Earthquakes” (Tori Amos) popped up on “shuffle” the other day and it made me smile. Since when did anything every stand still for me? It’s my life.
The ladies at work deserve a trophy or something. It seems nearly every week is another experience—for all of us! Picture it: me coming in each day wearing one of my many emotions like a glossy-eyed, ever-changing mood ring. A Horse of A Different Color! Ha! And the ladies… well, they know me: predictable in my spontaneity. Typical conundrum. Still, I hope in some way, I bring, at the very least, some excitement, something different.
C’mon! I’m trying to be positive here. [:
I’ve been telling my friend Ernie that there are 10,000 me’s. Real talk. But for as long as my brain can go backwards, I’ve wished to be… other. I’ve woken up on some tragically grey Sundays with iron-clad epiphanies, determined to be more: positive, thin, patient, untouchable, quiet, girly (god help me), realistic, talented—simply, more.
And once, in the wake of some dreamy self-disillusionment, I decided I would sew all of my own clothing. (Hey! I accomplished some pretty fierce handiwork in Dream Land, if I dare boast.) To extend the ridiculousness of this dream and my humorous blog-confession, I actually spent $300 to buy some dope-ass sewing machine that could stitch circles (or squares?) around the cheaper, less luxurious models. Listen: I never claimed to be anything but a stubborn, and sometimes impulsive, fool.
I guess what I’m getting at is this… (and I know you’re all waiting for the point, if you’ve even read this far):
For so much of my life and from nearly everyone, I’ve been dubbed lots of things—mostly labels that imply I’m too hard on myself or all over the place or that I expect too much from others… extreme, dramatic, obsessive, self-loathing, overly worried, silly, sensitive, sad, immature… la deeeee da. You get it.
My personal favorite—”Meghan, you’re too much”—I hear once a week but for forever. I remember being little and wondering what that even meant. I turned the words over so many times in my head (and yes, I did loads of over-analyzing even as a kid) but it felt… unfinished. More what? I never got an answer. My mom would just shake her head, smile or grimace, depending on what I had done to provoke it. Maybe that was why I was so confused! It could be both good and bad.
So okay, in summation, I think it’s odd. I long to be more and more and more, and people say I’m too much already. What is this? Some cruel joke? Nothing is ever enough. I had my cards read last night, and if nothing else, it made me realize that I need to be happier with myself. And maybe this simple concept is something I should’ve ingested years ago, but I’ve said it before—I’m in some ironic and eternal coming-of-age tale that never resolves. But that’s ok, right? That is me. Finally. Can I deal?
And for you all… and this is probably the most important part: love yourself. So easy. I can say it. You can read the words, think: “Yeah! I’ll do that then.” But I know it’s not realistic to think anyone is going to listen to me and change his or her reflection or something, but just try? Think about it? Just plant the seed, at least. I know someone of you are happy, maybe now and always. Kudos, yo.
For me, I know that my voids push me. It’s like food, man. But it isn’t healthy. Balance. We need balance. We need to love ourselves enough to be happy, but be a little restless, wonder about possibilities, scare ourself into new situations (and HAUNTED HOUSES… soon!), look at ourselves with both admiration and disgust. There can still be room for humble and kind and loving.
Make room for all of you: all 10,000 of you. But allow for no mutinies. Can you just try it?
Ah, Tori Amos. Thanks for inciting even more eruptions. (: