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Auto-Bio | Your Homework

One of the most difficult feats I have yet to really master as a writer is the bio. For most journals, both online and in-print, it’s typical to be asked for a “brief bio.” Shit, even if you aren’t a writer, how many social media sites these days are speckled with an array of text boxes that require some condensed verbiage of yourself. Likes and dislikes. Authors. Movies. Books. Music. Television show. Ice cream flavor. C’mon. Technology has not only allowed us to connect with the world, but in a way, define ourselves for the world. In words. Scary!

And so when people scoff at writing, in particular, English Composition, I have to wonder what in the hell world they live in. The Internet, smartphones included, has made life more interesting, certainly, and to the surprise of many: language both more important and somehow… it’s gotten worse, skill-wise?

I’m sure it began with the short snippets of text messages. U no txts r quick n make room 4 errors & short sloppy spellings 2. But when did we become so lax as to allow for this? I mean, I’m not sure I could even consider dating someone with a horrible vocabulary, much less a lazy language of text-speak and misspellings. LMAO! (;

I’m off topic.

What I wanted to speak to is the laborious task of summing up oneself. When was the last time you had to do this? Have you ever? What did you say?

For writing submissions, it’s easier. Really, any specialized venue in this way, at least, gives you some focus. But, for example, what does one do with the small info box at the top of his or her Pinterest page? Twitter? Facebook? I usually go about it randomly. Whatever pops into my head—which usually ends up being completely inane, you know?

My homework for you, those who dare attempt: write a general bio for yourself. Three to four sentences. Pretend your audience needs to really KNOW you. Not only is this a study in using language in a concise way, but really picking yourself apart to extract what you think it most important about you.

I want to know you! Go!


Saturday AM Review

I spend my weekend mornings, typically, downing coffee and writing things. More often than not, I’m wishing I were still asleep—unless it’s super sunny. Then I want to eat the world.

Today isn’t very remarkable in the weather sort of way. It’s warm enough to be in boxers and a hoodie. Quite the dynamic. But I do feel like eating the world. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Maybe it was the stressful week—the onslaught of meticulous label-editing (for print!), the half-celebratory/half-disappointing end to the semester, the weight of unproductive socializing…

I’m the type of person that needs to do things to feel accomplished. I have too many hobbies and projects. This last year has been huge for me, though, and I’m thinking I need this carelessness right now. Is that ok? SOMEONE TELL ME IT IS OK. Haha. Still, I’ve been having fun with my friends… just gabbing and being animated and probably smoking too many damn cigarettes.

But summer is almost here. I have big plans for it in terms of my writing and art. My latest project, well two, are sort of absorbing my brain at the moment. My boss has commissioned me to paint abstracts in frames for her house. I have about 8-10 of her empty frames in my livingroom waiting to be filled. I love my boss. She’s way cool. Only a few years older than me, but classy with an admirable sense of style. So yeah… I’m terribly nervous. I need to start painting, though, instead of worrying. She believes in me… that should be enough fuel, right?

My other project is poetry, of course (and avoiding the horrendous, but 11-chapter novel I have written). I haven’t heard back from Finishing Line Press on my last manuscript endeavor, so I’ll chalk it up as a loss. What’s with that? You pay 15 bucks and they can’t even mail/e-mail a rejection? Pfft. Then again, who knows with these crazy spam filters. (;

So what do you do on Saturday/weekend mornings? Do you jump from your bed and run out of the door? Do you clean? Do you go to church? What!?

And has anyone read anything good lately? I need some words.