Technology: Making it easier to break your heart

It makes sense, right? Now with the forever-reach of the interwebs, breaking your own heart is not only easier, but more efficient.

Have you ever Internet-stalked your ex? Re-read your own blog from years ago? How about plotted horrendous events on your Facebook timeline?

Listen. I’m pretty good at snapping my black heart to bits all on my own. I don’t need visuals. Or the aid of some Internet spiders spinning the web of my life into a tragedy.

The gossip train just gained some ground. And practically everyone I know has a story about it.

Apparently this post has no real point. Maybe a lesson somewhere. Such as: what if we extended all of our energy only on the things in our lives that give back: jobs, friends, family, hobbies. Enough with the soul-sucking white screen of the Internet. Namely, the entranced way we end up on pages and profiles we needn’t be.

Talk about epiphanies.