Next, your nightstand

I wish there was something more poignant about the way I’m feeling right now.

These days it seems that every experience I have (and the feelings that accompany it) are new and strange. Have you ever gotten to that point in your timeline where you realize that you are just… different? The changes certainly weren’t overnight—maybe they came from extreme loss or a job change or marriage, partnered, perhaps, with purposeful self-growth. It doesn’t matter. Either way, you come to this point where you fully realize it. It’s like if you were slowly to replace everything in your bedroom. First, you swap carpeting. The next day, your hamper goes. The next, your sheets. And so on, until eventually everything is different. You feel like a foreigner in your own room, your own shell.

I don’t even know if it’s ok, you know. I just know this is how it is. And I can either accept it or start swapping again.