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Short. Sweet. But alive.

So after some nutty health issues and loss, I’m alive. Just sayin’. Through the events of the last few days, I’ve still been keeping up with this poem-a-day extravaganza.

Today’s poetry prompt was to write a “tentative poem.” I got hit with this image, you know. Sometimes I do that. I get a clear picture. It doesn’t often make sense, but it’s something. Like shadow puppets in my brain.

“Somewhere someone dreams of ellipses…”

I couldn’t get it out of my head. I guess it’s about fighting the routine, the mundane… keeping one eye out for a detour. Something jarring. Because if you catch a sip, even, of those sparks in between the layers of “filler”—days and days of work and obligation—it just might be enough to make it worthwhile.

I spent my whole life waiting impatiently for the next page, something to look forward to. I needed it to stay sane, to motivate me to fight. I needed that reason, remember?

Sometimes people fight the daily. Sometimes vanilla isn’t enough. It’s ok to need a detour. But. Patience.

That’s what I need. That’s what it’s about.

Sleep now.

Ready… set… blog.

Well, hello, peeps.
I wish I could say this was my first dabble into the online world of blogging. But really, I’d call myself a BAB (born-again blogger), as I had kept up a diary-style journal online for years before I realized it was a bad idea (whine, whine, whine). 10 years, in fact. That alone makes me feel ancient. It was just 2001 that I was updating about my aspirations of becoming an English teacher, the latest “poetry” I had written, and sadly, the cringe-worth inner workings of a high school student, all the while posting horribly depressing lyrics in the spaces between paragraphs. Please tell me you’ve all heard “Adam’s Song,” by Blink 182?
Anyhow, I’ve decided to throw that all away for a new, up-to-date internet persona. I swear, just logging into Livejournal turns me into a 13-year-old with wet cheeks and a chest full of secrets. Blah. So here’s this… a new beginning.
I thought I’d start out with a dedication of sorts. My gerbil: Winston Aesop Peachtree. He certainly needs more play in the internet world–the world in general. It’s obvious by the way he scratches at his cage all night, as if suddenly the glass will give up and crack open for him. In reality, he wouldn’t last too long in the Real World; there are too many natural predators. Besides, I’d have him found too soon (just by following the trail of nearly invisible poops.) If people number-two-ed like gerbils, we’d have a lot more to worry about than soda cans and Snickers’ wrappers.
My first blog, yay! Now all I need to do is make sure the gerbil has enough toilet paper rolls to shred to keep him busy for the rest of the night…