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Duke: Nothing to See Here

So, though I’ve exclusively bitched about this sort of thing in past posts, I’ve once again acquired a new hobby-slash-obsession. What’s wrong with me? Typically, I can avoid such excitement by sprinting unobtrusively to the Fine Arts section of Michael’s, eyes fixed straight ahead with no wandering glances. Maybe the Clearance aisle, if I’m tapping into a rare superhuman sort of self-restraint that day. Still. I have to be careful. It’s not that I’m some Overachiever Bandit—it’s just that I am “passionately curious,” as Albert Einstein is said to have remarked [according to various pins on Pinterest that I’ve recently repinned.]

Anyhow, what black-hole ravenous activity has now peaked my interest? The ukulele, of course.

Who would’ve thunk it? After all these years, 27 to be exact, I have yet to pick up an instrument. You can count singing, I suppose. But since my highschool days, my vocals have disrupted only few venues: the shower; my car; the kitchen, from where Dexter runs with ears bent at the first note; somebody’s house where I become overtaken with drunken nostalgia for my “Musical Years.” You know. Never, really.

It’s only going on the second week here of learning—I’ve had a cold ever since. But I’ve been pissing around and thought I’d put my guts on display for the world. Why not?

As an aside, it’s a pretty accessible instrument. If you were looking for a new toy, I’d suggest it. I learned the chords on my own and have been downloading songs from the interwebs.

Please, make fun of me as you wish. Ha!