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Infected Zombie Blood

It’s that time again… preparing for the epic event of the year—the (holy shit!) 6th? Annual Halloween Party. Really creative title, right? Anyhow, Teesh and I are set to go all out, as far as decor goes. Today, we were perusing the Halloween section at Target, getting all giddy (high-pitched squeals, repetitive LOOK AT THIS‘s, touching/picking up/fondling everything). If you were to walk by while grabbing the obligatory bag of Reese’s Cups on special, you might think we were an unfortunate pair of four-year-olds stuck in hoodies.

As an aside, Target and I have issues. It seems I can’t walk in there without dropping at least double the amount of money I should be spending. That big red bull’s-eye? Yeah, it’s the same color of my car. The car they’re going to repossess after I spend all of my money at Target.

We decided this year, instead of spending a ridiculous amount of cash-money on corny decorations of cartoon ghosts with cut-out eyes and snaggle-toothed witches, we would make our own. Kids, I realize this is September, but one only has so much time to put together the bangin’-est party. Figure in a reasonable amount of time for make-your-own-decor, a suitable sleazy punch recipe, and about nine-to-ten days working on a costume that no one in the world has EVER thought of… and you’ve got yourself a solid month of planning (or more). Besides, these old, shady bottles we just bought at Goodwill aren’t going to fill themselves with questionable nasties.

Which leads me to the point… any ideas for ghoulish decor? Teesh and I decided to start with about $10 worth of glass bottles, in which will contain various liquids and maybe even PEELED GRAPES… I mean, eyes. I think this is classy. Set them up all over the house. Hope nobody tries to drink them. You know… nothing says Halloween like an accidental Windex ingestion!

Well, it’s getting late. I just know I’m going to have nightmares after the brainstorm session I had coming up with “labels” for these bottles. Eye of Goat Radish. Scuzzum of Mink Husk. Infected Zombie Blood.

Sweet dreams.